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Frequently Asked Question

Below, some of the most common problems with and questions about JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS are answered. Please read these first before you ask for help. In many cases, the solution can be found here.

Known Problems

Some known issues:

  • We tried all the best we can to make it compliant and widely accessible with all type browser requirement to meet World Wide Web design standards, but difficulty still exist............be patient.
  • Automatic Navigation Link order base on datetime file created.
  • Regarding to session file handling, read "IMPORTANT NOTES" included in the download file package. 

Troubleshooting (FAQ)

I get an error: Cannot send headers. Headers already sent...
This problem is usually caused by whitespace at the beginning or end of config.php. Check if it has spaces or newlines before the starting "<?"or after the ending "?>". If there are, remove them.
When I try to run my website, I'm prompted if I want to download index.php
Your web server is not set up to support PHP scripts. You won't be able to install JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS on such a system. find another host server with PHP support already.
When I try to visit my website, I get a 'Config.php not found'. Why?
The reason why this error is shown is that JAF CMS cannot find config.php files on webroot directory or admin directory. make sure you have put that file on webroot and admin directory.
Its already there, but I still get a 'Config.php not found'. Why?
Double check the MarkUp on your config.php files. make sure you have made a modification without altering something.
I can't get my update/create file to work!
Directory and File permissions need to be set correctly in order for the update/create file to work. About the file permissions, make sure the data files is chmodded to writeable (0666) and the directories are chmodded to writeable (0777).
Why the visitors counter and page view counter doesn't seem to work/increase!
The visitors and page view counters is set to ignore local ip address (, so it won't be counted although you're as admin viewing that page many many times at your local servers. its only work for your site visitors when your site is on line.

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