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Upgrading from previous version of JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS is done with replacement of all files except your data. perhaps you should keep your "/data","/news" directory and files in "module/files/" directory.

Local or Remote Servers

Installing JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS is done through some easy steps:

1. Unzip/Untar

Unzip all files to a web root directory on your computer/server with a Windows unzip program or on *nix machine:

tar -zxvf jaf_cms_*.tar.gz [Note: replace the * with the appropriate version.]

Make sure the path names are used when unzipping. You should end up with the following directory structure (* stands for a number of files):

index.php                    (main files for site)
config.php                   (main function files)
print.php                    (printer friendly page)
admin/*                      (administration directory script)
/admin/data_inc.php-dist     (configuration files - for manual install)
/admin/index.php             (admin login function)
/admin/login.php             (login page)
/admin/logout.php            (logout page)
/admin/auth.php              (authentication page)
/admin/index2.php            (admin start page)
/admin/adminmenu.php         (admin menu page)
/admin/settings.php          (website settings manager)
/admin/main.php              (contents editor start page)
/admin/page_edit.php         (contents editor function)
/admin/page_delete.php       (contents delete function)
/admin/create_new.php        (create contents page)
/admin/archive.php           (archive start page)
/admin/newsubmit.php         (news submission page)
/admin/form.php              (sites page editor)
/admin/function.php          (function files)
/admin/poll_admin.php        (voting poll manager)
/admin/banner_add.php        (banner ads manager)
/admin/forum.php             (website forum manager)
/admin/guest.php             (guestbook manager)
/admin/gallery.php           (images gallery manager)
/admin/quote.php             (quote manager)
/admin/templates/*           (admin goodies)
/admin/icons/*               (admin goodies)
/admin/HTMLArea/*            (admin goodies)
/data/*                      (data directory [contents will go here])
/news/*                      (news directory [news will go here])
/module/*                    (module add on directory)
/templates/*                 (templates directory)
/doc/*                       (documentations)
/*                           (other files [license, css, etc])

2. Copy/Upload files

Copy all files to your local web root or Upload all files to your server, using your favorite FTP program.

Remember : You'll need to setting up write permissions to be writeable the "/data","/news" and "module/files/" directory and its subdirectory. This is needed in order to allow PHP to write page files into that directory as this directory handle your site contents. The directory should be chmodded to 0777 and all files in these directory should be chmodded to 0666 (depends on servers configuration, read their documentation). Okay.... perhaps you need a servers with ftp service to do that things and many FTP program allow you to do this (eq. WS_FTP, CuteFTP, etc).

List of directory & files that should be chmodded to 0777 or 0666 (writeable) :

  • admin/
  • data/ - and all files within this directory should be chmod to 0666 (writeable).
  • news/ - and all files within this directory should be chmod to 0666 (writeable).
  • module/files/ - and all files within this directory should be chmod to 0666 (writeable).
  • module/files/banner_images/
  • module/files/forum/
  • module/files/gallery/
  • module/files/gallery/images/
  • module/files/gallery/thumbs/
  • module/files/log/
===================< I M P O R T A N T >==================
  • admin/ - this directory needed to be set into writeable in order to write configuration file when you're using installation file, after that change it back to read only (CHMOD 0775). for manual setup leave this directory to be read only.

Run "install.php" and it will do the rest (creating data configuration files : "data_inc.php"), then jump to step 4, or.... if there is one or another reason, perhaps due to your server configuration do manual setup (step 3).

3. Manual Setup (Remote Servers)

Open "data_inc.php-dist" with your text  editor, and edit what you need to change (site URL, title, etc...etc). All clear with comments on that files. Save this file as "data_inc.php". (see notes) Please do not remove what you shouldn't to remove (eq: copyleft text), its the parts of distribution. See the license.

$description = 'Your site description goes here'; // site description
$keywords = 'Your site keywords goes here';       // site keywords
define('TITLE', 'Your browser title goes here');  // for client browser
define('ADMINUSER', 'username here');             // your login name
define('ADMINPASSWORD', 'md5 hashed password');   // your login password
$installdate = 'Month YYYY';                      // for site stats
$root = 'absolute/path/to/web/directory/';        // site directory path
$site = 'http://www.your-domain.com';             // no trailing slash
$title = 'JAF CMS';                               // your site title
$slogan = '...just another flat file CMS.';       // site slogan
$web_author = 'nickname';                         // your name/nick
$webmaster_mail = 'e-mail address';               // your e-mail address
$startpage = 'Home';                              // start page name
$skins = 'default';                               // your theme skins
$banners = 'true';                                // true or false
$polls = 'true';                                  // true or false
$forum = 'true';                                  // true or false
$gallery = 'true';                                // true or false
$guestbook = 'true';                              // true or false
$shout = 'true';                                  // true or false
$quote = 'true';                                  // true or false
$hor_menu = 'true';                               // true or false
$ver_menu = 'true';                               // true or false

For creating md5 hashed admin password use "md5.php" script located under admin directory.

Just do the same, Upload all files to your server, using your favorite FTP program. Make sure to upload yours "modified [data_inc.php]" files! or your site might not work otherwise.

4. It's Done!

Yup......... open your web browser and you should now be able to visit your site at http://yoursite.com/ (or whatever URL maps to the location where you uploaded the JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS site main files)

Administration Section

To access the administration section and entering admin control panel, open browser and go to  http://yoursite.com/admin/ and use login/password you've entered on configuration files.

If you've got a trouble error please check again file permission that you should to change to be writeable or if you're always returning to login page please read "IMPORTANT NOTES" regarding session file handling and security.

Security Aspects

.htaccess files (apache servers)

If you feel paranoid about your data, then you can put a .htaccess file on your directory (apache servers only). Even that JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS uses automatic script crawler to read whole directory contents and create site links, it won't be included at navigation links.

We have include .htaccess file in this package on directory "data/", "news/" and "module/files/". For creating your own .htaccess file, please R.T.F.M. apache servers document on your own... :p.

This page last updated on : May 20, 2006
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