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Version Released History

Version 4.0 RC1 (this package)

  • Included all minor and mayor fixed from previous version (you should upgrade to this released).
  • Added RSS xml feeds for site syndication
  • A lot of code re-structure.
  • Added code comment for explanations.
  • Removing default skin themes, as it will be used only in admin control panel.
  • Added Simple Search Engine (as requested by Renzo from Italy) - perhaps it wasn't powerful enough.
  • Added Upload support for banners manager.
  • Added Gallery module including image upload support and auto thumbnail generation (Required GD library support on your servers for automation, or upload it manually via FTP or anything else)
  • Added more graphical skins and themes.

To Do :

  • Added Multilanguage support for next released

Version 3.x (un-released)

  • fixed visitors logger bug.
  • Fixed Forum section "full patch disclosure bug".
  • Fixed Guestbook section error & filters.

Version 3.0 Final

  • fixed config.php vulnerability bug exploit patches.
  • Admin password hashing method.

Version 3.0 RC

what's new in this version :

  • added Shout Box
  • added website Forum and Guestbook
  • added Random Quote
  • added Horizontal Menu
  • Menu block handler
  • added visitors logger
  • Fixed some bug from previous version

Version 2.5

  • added banner rotator
  • added website visitors counter and webpage view counter
  • added website voting polls
  • news submission form redesign to formatting text
  • clean up whole script code for faster process
  • added new "pgw_pro" skin themes in package
  • themes handler changed to be more reliable
  • added administrator to do notes

Version 2.0-Final

  • Adding Installation file and settings configuration.
  • Updates working on Admin control panel about how to handle contents and archives. (lots of script code update here)
  • Adding optional session_save_path on script engine to overrides server php.ini configuration (depend on your servers configuration).
  • For security issues reason please read the update notes included in download file package.

Version 2.0-beta

  • Theme based template making easy to change your preferred skins.
  • Bug fixed on contents file creation, you can now use space for the name (eq.: Home Page, My Links, etc).
  • News blogging system fixed. automatically create monthly news archive and the last post will be shown on the top of page (descending date).

Version 1.5

  • Focusing on admin control panel look n feel.
  • Adding news blogging system.

Version 1.0-Final

  • No Database needed (starting idea pointing on this focus)
  • Runs on any server (tested on Apache and IIS)
  • Accessed by any browser (IE Version 5.5 or better, Mozilla 1.2, Netscape 7.x, etc)
  • WYSIWYG editor on Administration area
  • Customizable skins and templates (little HTML and CSS ability)
  • Easy installation
  • Create a new page and automatically they'll show up on navigation links.

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